Welcome to Patty’s Patties!

Our premium natural Raw dog food is formulated from only the finest ingredients.

Real bison,  beef and lamb for your dog.  Our feed comes in bigger bags, for less money!

Patty’s Patties are manufactured in a local USDA  inspected facility to ensure top quality products for you and your four legged best friend.

Patty’s Patties does not utilize high pressure pasteurization.

Why is this, you may ask?  We believe it changes the food and destroys healthy bacteria.  For more information on high pressure pasteurization, please read this article.  

For sourcing, we only use the best quality products for our raw food and source from the slaughterhouse, restaurant supply sources and grocers.  Our products contain “human grade” foods.


 It’s 2017!

We have new Items!

  • Wild boar
  • Elk
  • Venison

Fresh New Treats!

  • Bison Heart
  • Bison Tongue
  • Bison Liver

Our original recipe with its main ingredient is beef and only beef, our two newest formulations are Bison and lamb, with their complimentary ingredients. We use all natural or organic animals from grass fed hormone and drug free Colorado herds.  We also select our hearts and livers from those same animals and insure the utmost quality of our product. All of our meat products are better in quality than what you may eat yourself.

beef lamb-colorado

All of our fruits and vegetables are top quality & locally sourced when available.  We strive to support the farmers and ranchers of Colorado and make it our commitment to use as much locally quality grown merchandise as possible.

colorado-proud-logosam-dogWe always follow Colorado health department standards in the processing of our products. We take great caution to not mix other ingredients in before optimum temperatures are achieved.  All ingredients are mixed to exact specifications and are quality tested each batch.  It may take a little longer to produce but we make each batch by hand and insure the best quality and consistency possible.

In short, you can be assured of the finest ingredients on the market, mixed to perfection and to a quality second to none.  We feed the same mix to our dogs and would never compromise quality to price or quantity.  Our goal is to provide AFFORDABLE raw dog food to millions of furry friends out there, so that you can enjoy them longer knowing that you are feeding the finest feed available at an affordable price. Every dog deserves every day of his seven years.

D. Barber
Patty's Patties are the best! Our pup, Dolby, is trained to work with our son, Nicolas, who has a brain-based disability.  He is Nic's best buddy and lifeline to the world, so we want him happy, healthy and around for a looonggg time.  Plus he's an all around sweetie. So, when we were introduced to Patty's Patties, it was a Godsend.  Dolby loves them, and we like knowing he's getting quality, all-natural ingredients, nothing processed or artificial.   Now my sister and two of her friends use Patty's Patties as well.  We're pretty picky, and couldn't be happier with Patty's Patties! -D. Barber


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